Sometimes we just need time.


Last week was truly spectacular.  Dominic and I flew to Texas for three short days to revisit his childhood.  We started in Dallas, made a little pitstop to visit Magnolia Market🫠, stopped in Austin, then drove to San Antonio to visit his sweet grandparents and finally Boerne, TX.  

“We need time to defuse, to contemplate. Just as in sleep our brains relax and give us dreams, so at some time in the day we need to disconnect, reconnect, and look around us.”

Laurie Colwin

There is something so beautiful about visiting the past….pain and all.  What stood out to me as we took a walk through my husband’s childhood was how evident the hand of God was on his family’s life.  God’s grace follows us often not because of, but in spite of what we do.

We aren’t perfect and we are never going to be.  Grace is a gift and it is meant for each of us should we accept it.  Dominic was reminded of this on our journey to Texas.  

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”

Anne Lamott

Grace will never leave you where it found you….when we say yes.  I felt so happy to visit the past with Dominic.  This trip was a great reminder to intentionally appreciate my own journey and now I am going to encourage you to do the same.  Our lives aren’t perfect, but every life has something worth celebrating.  Your journey is molding you for the here and now.  What if there is someone very special in your future who needs the wisdom your journey is giving you? Say yes to Grace today.  

In the spirit of growth and transformation, I invite you to be a part of this journey. Whether you’ve been by my side from the beginning or just joined, I appreciate your support immensely.


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