5 Ways To Show Yourself Some LOVE!


Do you want to learn to love yourself better?  Here are 5 things you can do to practice self-love today!

    1. Make time for your spiritual practice.

I try to start my day with prayer every day. I pray throughout the day as well. A healthy and consistent spiritual practice can improve your quality of life and enhance your life experience and relationships.  Specifically, we understand that a regular prayer life reduces feelings of isolation, anxiety and prayer.

    2. Learn to eat well

Nutrition is essential for good health, but it also influences your emotions, hormones, immunity, energy levels and so much more! You owe it to yourself to learn proper nutrition!!  Nutrition is 80% of your fitness/weight loss battles.  What are you waiting for?

    3. Go outside!

Nature is therapeutic.  Sun alone can increase your serotonin and enhance your melatonin levels.  Sunlight increases immunity and wards off anxiety and depression.  Research has shown that people who are regularly connecting with nature are leading happier lives than those who do not.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. -John Muir

    4. Schedule something you love to do every week

Because…Why Not? Everything is better when you are feeling good.  You work faster and more efficiently, you are a better parent and lover and a more peaceful, happy human in general.  Put in on the calendar now!

    5. Affirm yourself

Put post it notes in obvious places and begin to affirm yourself today.  Speak life over yourself.  I am loved….I am becoming more peaceful every day…I am learning to let go every day….I am open to new experiences.  Find an I am statement that feels right to you and write it down.  Write it in your journal, place a 3×5 card in your car, on your desk or refrigerator….Get To It!!

What are you waiting for?  Pick one thing and put it into practice today!  

Do you have questions or need resources?  I would love to hear from you! 

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